Family BBQ (Coming Soon)

Price: RM350 / per accommodation

It is sometimes difficult for homestay dwellers to decide on food choices for events and gatherings when staying at our homestay. If you need a bbq catering service for a friend’s birthday party, for example, you may find yourself conflicted and confused.

There are plenty of food options out there. Things can be very exciting. Still, it’s hard to go wrong, with barbecue dishes. My Barbecue is warm, filling and satisfying. Many people enjoy eating barbecue.

There is not much that can be better than an event filled with good food. If you are responsible for planning an event or event of any kind, you need to make it a priority to get the best catering service.

If you would like to rely on Umbai Homestay bbq catering services that offer convenient buffet services, we are here to help. Buffet catering can be good for a number of important reasons. Buffet catering, first of all, usually costs less than other options.

Buffet catering gives people the opportunity to simply put the food they really want on their plate. If you don’t like the concept of throwing away a (and delicious) barbecue meal, switching to our buffet catering business can be a very smart solution. Finally, there is another major advantage of providing catering services for events. Buffet catering provides guests with a growing selection of luxury events.