Terms and Conditions

Dear Guests,

Please read and agree to the rules set forth below.

Responsible Person:

  • Please present a MyKad, Identity Card, or Passport at check-in.
  • The responsible person listed on the registration will manage any issues that arise during the stay.

Limit / Capacity:

  • Umbai Homestay provides 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 people (8 adults and 4 children).
  • Parking is limited to 4 cars (2 in covered parking and 2 in front of the gate). Parking in front of or near neighbors’ houses is not allowed.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors and avoid making loud noises, especially at night. All neighbors are families with small children.

Homestay & Neighborhood Management:

  • Activities deemed evil are prohibited. Unmarried couples are also prohibited from renting this homestay.
  • Respect the religion and culture of the neighborhood, which consists of multi-religious families. Non-halal foods, alcohol, intoxicants, and drugs are strictly prohibited. Any evidence of drug abuse will be reported to the police.

Events / Parties:

  • Social gatherings must be conducted in a respectful manner. This is a residential neighborhood, not an entertainment center.

Household Equipment Handling:

  • Handle all electrical appliances and toiletries carefully. Guests will be charged for any damage due to negligence.
  • Contact the Umbai Homestay Manager or Owner if you need assistance with managing appliances.

Refund Policy:

  • Full payment made at check-in is non-refundable, including in cases of early check-out.
  • Cancellations within 3 days of check-in will not result in a deposit refund.

Kitchen Use:

  • The electronic kitchen / induction stove is not for cooking heavy meals or those with a lot of liquid (e.g., curry). Use only the stainless steel pot provided.

Cleaning Services:

  • No daily cleaning service is provided. Ensure cleanliness during your stay and dispose of trash properly.


  • Pets are not allowed in the homestay, including in covered parking areas.

Trash Disposal:

  • Transfer trash to the bin or trash can next to the gate. If these are full, place the trash bag within the fence.

Check-In / Check-Out:

  • Check-in is at 2:00 pm and check-out is at 11.00 am. Check-out is “self-checkout,” with a guide provided on the check-out day.
  • Be prepared for self-check-in if the owner or representative is unavailable. Steps will be provided on the check-in day or before arrival.

I/We hereby understand and agree to the terms imposed by the Umbai Homestay management.