Dear Our Guests; Please read the Rules and agree to the rules set out and subject to the following rules;

Responsible Person Please submit a MyKad or Identity Card / Passport at check-in.

The responsible person / nominee on the registration is responsible for anything that happens during the stay / stay of the homestay

Limit / Capacity

Homestay Umbrella provides 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 people (8 Adults and 4 Children only) indoors, 4 maximum cars (2 cars in covered parking and 3rd and 4th car in front of gate) – not allowed park the car in front of or near the neighbor’s house as it will cause anger / friction with the neighbor.

Please be considerate of your neighbors

Do not disturb the neighbors WITH A LOT of strength especially at night. Please be considerate, all neighbors are families with small children / infants. Please control your voice if you intend to chat with friends in the homestay inside or outside.

Homestay & Neighborhood Management Collaborates With Jab. Islamic Religion in the Prevention of Evil Etc.

Evil activities are prohibited. Non-stranger couples are also prohibited from renting this homestay.

Please Respect Neighborhood Religion / Culture

Please note that neighbors are multi-religious families and therefore we hope that you, the Umbai Homestay guest will respect each other’s religions. Her neighbors are usually aware that guests staying at Umbai Homestay are Muslim. Muslims of different races / ethnicities also have different cultures.

No non-halal foods, including alcohol / intoxicants and drugs

Do not bring or eat unlawful food in a homestay. Do not consume alcoholic beverages, or abuse drugs that are prohibited under Malaysian Law and Regulations. Any evidence of drug abuse will be reported to the police or the relevant authorities. Any unlawful conduct is your responsibility.

Don’t Organize Events / Parties in the homestay page – Don’t hold any social gatherings / parties / parties.

It’s prohibited, please keep in mind that this is a residential neighborhood and not an entertainment center

Household Equipment Handling / Deposited Returns

Please handle all electrical appliances and appliances including toiletries carefully and carefully, for any damage / breakage due to guests’ negligence. Costs will be charged in the event of any damage / breakage due to guest negligence. Guests are advised to Contact the Homestay Umbrella Manager / Owner if you need help on how to handle certain electrical appliances or other concerns.

Request a return

Full rate or full payment amount made at time of check-in will not be refunded. This includes in the event of a guest canceling the stay or check-out earlier than the day / date as stated on the invoice. Examples: guests pay 4-day rates, on the 2nd day of stay, guests decide to check out. Therefore, management will not refund at the rate for the remaining days canceled. Only deposits to be returned subject to Deposits will be deducted above.

Cancellations made by guests within 7 days of check-in date, no deposit will be refunded.

Electronic Kitchen / Induction Kitchen is not intended to handle / cook heavy meals, or menus that contain a lot of liquid, gravy like curry and more. Please use stainless steel pot provided. Induction cooker will not work with other metal cookware such as aluminum, copper and others.

No Daily Cleaning Service

Homemade bedding does not provide services such as room / house cleaning so please make sure at all times during the stay. Please empty the trash into the trash can each time the plastic bag is full and disposed of properly.

Pets Not Allowed

Pets such as cats, birds and so on are not allowed in the homestay including in covered parking areas throughout the guest’s stay.

Full Trash Disposal

Transfer the filled luggage to the bin or into the trash can with a small hinged door, right next to the gate. If both the trash can and the litter box with a small hinged door are full please just put the trash bag in the fence.

Time, Check-In and Check-Out (Check in & Check Out)

Check-in at 2:30 pm and Check-out 11 am. Check-out is “self-check out”. Guide will be provided on check-out day.

Self Check-in

Please be prepared for self-check-in if the owner or representative of the owner cannot be present for the check-in process. Steps or procedures will be given on the day you check in or before you arrive.

I hereby understand the above and agree to the terms imposed by the management.